Kirby's Dream Experience
The Kirby Crew
The Pink Puffball and the Hero of Dream Land himself, this guy loves to run around, have fun and he lives life to the fullest. He is the source of all randomness to come, and loves to eat, tends to sleep, and he is nice to anyone he meets, though sometimes he is somewhat shy. After discovering the Arena, he loves to hang out to fight or just talk to Keeby there. As the youngest minded, although the oldest puffball alive, he loves to explore and wander, which is unfourtunate because of his sense of direction. Meta-Knight is Kirby's secondary mentor, Frene is naturally the first. Surprisingly though, he can't speak "English". That would be explained later.
Karise, the fairly destructive maniac. She's a bit of a hot-head, so she constantly has to be reminded to calm down. Though her brutality is a bit abnormal, she often talks alot and is long time friends with Korly. She is a bit of a bad luck magnet, which is prolly the effect of her actions. One more thing, she LOVES cake-slash-pie. Don't be suprised if you see her mentioning it and eating it at the same time.
The very lazy and frustrating, Korly is the one who likes to take life slowly. He just doesn't apply himself to the possibilities. Has a small sarcastic and snarky side, but isn't very mean. He also pretends to be dramatic when he doesn't want to do anything, much to everyone's annoyance. He's pretty chummy with Karise, and tags along with most of her shenanigans. A bit of a goof.
The grumpy, jerky wonder, Kordy is a very complicated soul. He had events out of his control that made him so grumpy, but doesn't mean he wasn't grumpy before. He shows a lot of apathy when it comes to help, but will if he has to. He has quite a few friends, but he doesn't seem to talk to people much, but his closest friend would be Kobby. He hosts his own small group, and is very skilled in combat.
Kobby is a shy puffball who doesn't like to show his voice. He invented the language of silence, and has been using it ever since. He is an expert at geometry, and is currently learning how to construct buildings. When helping with the group, he knows how to get the job done. Although some times he'll be so wrapped up in his job that he will lose sight of the main point. He is very kind to many others, though people tend to annoy him alot. He is an extremely strong kirby.
Hey guys look, it's the main man of the comic, me! I tend to pop in and out with my characters, interfering and messing with their lives, but not helping them with anything one bit. Fun loving and well-known and the creator of this comic, he has lots of interactions and stays immature forever.
Meet the to-be-boss of the Arena, A. Dee. Always wanting to do more and be more than your average Waddle Dee, King Dedede finally got tired of his requests and had him become an assistant for Arena duties. He takes his job not too, but somewhat serious. He is kind to all labeled visitors, especially first-timers, but is moderately suspicious about some of em, for some strange reason.
Hey look, it's the totally non-canon puffball, Keeby! Keeby has a very positive outlook on anyone he meets, which is caused by Kirby's childish positive outlook, and Frene's teachings. Frene also his guardian, teaching the things he needs to know. He and Kirby are the main shows in the Arena stadium, and tends to go overboard when him and Kirby are sparring. But he's not without that fun-loving spirit, since he is the second-youngest minded puffball, along with also being gullible. Only person he has some few problems with is Murphy, thinking he might just try to cause mischief. So absurd.
Frene, the probable only gold puffball ever made! Frene is a calm, cheery, and generous puffball who takes care of Keeby. She does healing at the Arena, since she like seeing the bright faces of the healed (Also since people get hurt more there). Though she is the best skilled doctor in Dreamland, she has a bad attention span. The reason she can still work well is beyond her. And me!
He was just created a while ago, cut him some slack! Mirror or Shadow is another calm and collected puffball made by magic. He dosen't get much experience in his work, since big things don't happen around him. He can copy powers, but using them is a general problem among him, so simple moves only work with him.
See, y'know when there's this one annoying person trying to ask you to buy their products, like a business dealer? Well, that's kinda how you describe this character. Dealer is notorious-ish for doing things like scams and always has one type of flaw in her business plans. But she's not totally selfish! She's just a scruffy person. Her gender appearances is a little subtle, but APPARENTLY, a default person is a guy. How rude.
There's a somewhat reasonable head behind that headband. Kimly loves her headband. Got it from a pawn shop. She along with her good friend, Chime, are masters of espionage. They aren't spies at all, and they are also young, like lots of people in this cast. She's the girl with the equipment, more of smoke bombs, though.
Chime doesn't always have a nice ring to it. She's a drama princess, not queen. She is another master at espionage and has lots of wits when it comes to escaping and going places. She's also a little silly around people. She get's hungry a lot of the time, and doesn't like sitting around places. She's an outside person.
These species really are silly, aren't they? Poucher couldn't even spell her own name right. Another espionage master by learning from those two Dees. Acts just like Chime and compares to her the most, but they get into little squabbles sometimes. Accidentally endangered the world, but is working to change that.
The following people made this possible, with inspiration or others.
First, there's Ultizeta, who made a bit of the sprite backgrounds I used a bit.
BattleStarX made the legit sprite edits I've used in my comic. He also let me borrow one of his many personalities, hehehe.
Nashew showed me how to my editing program and gave me alot I went from horrible looking, to better looking.
The non-comic related people like HAL Laboratory and Nintendo. We might as well be drawing our sprites if it wasn't for them. The Spriter's Resource gave us the access to use the sprites, with all the graphics. Please don't sell these comics, or say you made them. If that ever happens, I'll get a lawsuit(I hate wearing those), and I'll get sued when I'm so young. Then, I'll ban you forever from reading my comic.