Kirby's Dream Experience
POYO! - Part 24 December 25th, 2015, 5:00 pm
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Murphy's Thoughts
Warpstar December 25th, 2015, 5:08 pm
Speak for yourself!

I've been waiting to pull this guy up.
Advertisement July 16th, 2018, 4:01 am
Warpstar August 23rd, 2016, 1:10 pm
Version 2!
He TOLD you not to call him potato.
Murphy's Subject's Thoughts
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Light and Shadow December 25th, 2015, 6:11 pm
Doo, Murphy, and Shady. Good combination, or disaster waiting to happen?
Sudux May 9th, 2018, 7:01 am
This oughta be interesting.