Kirby's Dream Experience
Action Time! - Part 17 July 3rd, 2016, 3:00 am
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Murphy's Thoughts
Warpstar July 2nd, 2016, 10:14 pm
Ah-hah! Didn't expect that, did you? Well, YEAH!
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Warpstar July 3rd, 2016, 9:33 pm
Late comic tommorow. A old friend of mine came over and she and my sister were on the computer watching videos.
Murphy's Subject's Thoughts
Leave a Comment July 3rd, 2016, 10:57 am
Or is it?!

Nah it is...
Light and Shadow July 3rd, 2016, 12:32 pm
Kordy: "Let's go about this one ledge at a time alright?"
Kirby: "WHOA I'M FALLING!!!"
Kordy: *facepalm*
Elemental Kirby July 3rd, 2016, 3:03 pm
@Warpstar: Actually yes, I did expect this.
Kirby (Guest) July 4th, 2016, 7:10 am
No apples. Yep. No apples. That big tree looks like wispy woods though. Hey kirby. Bugs can fall there!
Sudux May 13th, 2018, 9:31 am
Wait... They just fell into the corrupt haze stuff... Wouldn't they lose their minds?